How To Play Minecraft Using TinyTask?

Would you like to play minecraft using tinytask automation tool? you have come to the right article. In this article, we are going to reveal some important settings to play minecraft using the tinytask software.

We all know that tinytask is a number one click automation tool. Using which, you can also create the macros with both clicks and key strokes. So, in order to play minecraft game, you should create the macro first. Let’s go ahead and create a macro for the minecraft game.

tinytask minecraft

How To Create A Macro With TinyTask To Play Minecraft Game?

In order to create a macro on tinytask software, you should download and install it on your pc. Nothing to worry, just follow the step by step instructions that covers the software installation and macro creation.

  • Firstly, download the tinytask software on your windows pc from the TinyTask Official Website.
  • Once it is downloaded, open the software by double clicking it.

record macro on tinytask to play minecraft

  • Once it is launched successfully, hit “Rec” option
  • As soon as you hit the record option, you should start performing the actions on the screen.
  • The actions can be the mouse moves, mouse clicks or keystorkes from the keyboard.
  • If you are a minecraft player, I guess you do not need any special instructions regarding where to click and how to move your mouse, etc.
  • So, do that on your own based on your liking and needs.
  • Once you feel that you have finished with the macro, click on “Rec” button again. The only difference is, the button will be in Red Color while the macro recording is going on.
  • Do not forget to save the macro that you have created. For that, click on “Save” option to save the macro.

So, you are done with the first and most important section. Let’s now read the instructions to play the minecraft game with the one and only tinytask software.

How To Play Minecraft Using TinyTask Macro?

Following are the step by step instructions to load macro to tinytask for playing minecraft game.

  • Let’s now launch the tinytask software on your windows pc.
  • Now, you should load the macro that you have created earlier to the tinytask software.
  • For that, hit “Open” button on the software interface.

run tinytask macro to play minecraft

  • Select the macro file from the location where it was saved.
  • Now, launch the minecraft game on your windows pc.
  • Even though it is launched, you will be able to see a floating bar of tinytask software on the screen. It is because that the tinytask will always stay on top of the other windows.
  • So, you should now hit “Play” button which is the 4th one on the floating task bar.
  • Now, you can see the macro is doing its job while you are playing the minecraft game.

That’s it! this is how you can actually play minecraft with tinytask macro recorder. The only disadvantage is that you cannot actually control the click location because you have actually captured the clicks in a macro. We have also written a detailed guide about playing roblox game with tinytask, read here.

But you can control the clicks placement with your cursor and keyboard keys to move around in the game. Move yourself around and make way for the clicks to be placed on the areas where you exactly want.

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