TinyTask for Mac – Does It Actually Work?

TinyTask is a windows based software which is currently available for windows laptops only. If you want to dowload tinytask for mac, it is not possible until the developer releases a dedicated version for mac os x.

Do not waste your time in searching for the tinytask mac version. It is not yet available and there is no information about it’s release for mac os based devices.

Don’t dishearten yourself, you can try out the other software to automate your daily tasks. We have created a wonderful list of tinytask alternatives for mac. Let’s continue reading this page to download them.

TinyTask Alternative Software for Mac

We have actually tried multiple methods to run tinytask.exe file on mac pc. But, that didn’t work and in fact, it is not at all possible to do it so.

We are pretty sure that there is no website in the internet provide tinytask for mac devices. So, don’t think about searching for the same again. Let’s pick any of the below mentioned software and go with it.

1. Mahdi Auto Clicker

Mahdi.jp auto clicker for mac is one of the finest software that you can try out for free. Not just trying out, you can use it free for life.

mahdi auto clicker for mac

The mahdi.jp auto clicker was developed by MAHDI BCHATNIA whose a japan based software developer. We have tested things and it’s working pretty fine. Below are some of it’s features.

  • Get clicks from the left, right or middle mouse button.
  • Set the number of clicks per second / minute / hour / millisecond limit manually.
  • Start clicking after given time in (milliseconds / seconds / minutes / hours).
  • Stop clicking after given time in (milliseconds / seconds / minutes / hours).
  • Click only if mouse is stationary for the given time.
  • Set hotkeys for Start / Stop mouse action and key stroke macro.

   Download Here (  )

2. Sikuli Automation Tool

Sikuli is a cross platform automation tool avaialble for mac os x. It works on most of the operating systems such as Windows / Mac / Linux. Sikuli macro works as a macro creator and auto clicker as well. So, a lot of cross platform gamers are using it on their personal computers.

Not to forget, it is also known as SikuliX macro. Below are some of the basic functionalities of Sikuli Macro Creator tool.

  • Works with most of the web browsers.
  • Works perfectly with almost all pc games.
  • Adminstration of IT Systems and Networks.
  • Software Testing and Developement.
  • Creates macro with the help of the advanced scripting language.
  • You do not need to compile a code but use the pre-specified commands to create a macro.

   Download Here (  )

3. Macro Recorder

Macro Recorder is yet another awesome macro creator for mac devices. But it is not a freeware, you need to buy the software in order to use it after the trail period.

If buying the license is not a problem for you, you can subscribe the macro recorder’s premium license. Before that, download the trail version from below link.

   Download Here (  )

Those are the best macro creators for mac that you may use. You can create macros and use those macros to play games and go through various other important tasks as well. Otherwise, you can go with the mahdi.jp auto clicker to automate the mouse clicks without having to create macros.

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