TinyTask Alternatives – Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

TinyTask is defintely a best software for automating the mouse events and keyboard events such as typing, etc. But it is a very light software and it cannot do all the tasks such as the other software in it’s category. That is why a lot of users look out for the TinyTask Alternatives.

If you also want to give it a try with the Similar Apps Like TinyTask, this article is for you. We have listed down the best software that can automate all your tasks like a pro. Go through each of them and understand it’s purpose and download it if it is meant for your requirements.

If you are here because tinytask is not properly working, check out the guide that we have written to Fix TinyTask.

The Best TinyTask Alternatives

1. Macro Gamer

Macro Gamer is an awesome tool which can multiply your productivity in many ways. Using which, you can play the games by automating the mouse clicks and keyboard keys. You can play almost every single game with the Macro Gamer.

It allows you create macros with the mouse moves and clicks and keyboard shortcuts as well. When you are ready, you can run the project. The best part is that, you can simply edit the macros, modify delays, add extra action in between the scripts.

   Macro Gamer

2. TG Macro

TG Macro is known for it’s Macro Editor’s ability. Even beginners can use it like they have vast experience in creating the macros. On the other hand, tg macro allows you bind the macros that you have created individually with a separate macro keys and keyboard combinations.

Hit “Home” button to enable it and minimize the software. Launch your game and hit the hotkey to run the tg macro project that you have created. It will then start repeating the tasks that you have specified.

   TG Macro

3. OP Auto Clicker

I personally use op auto clicker on my windows 11 pc. It is one of the highly recommended software which automates only the mouse clicks. You cannot automate the keyboard activity with the op auto clicker beause it is not a kind of macro tool unlike TinyTask.

If you want to play a clicker gamer or any other game where clicks are highly used, it is your go to choice. A lot of roblox players and minecraft players are using this on their devices to cheat in the game.

   OP Auto Clicker

4. GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker is yet another great option if you are a gamer especially. The developer “GoldenSoft.org” has made it in a way that it handles heavy click activity. Set the custom hotkey for the software to start and stop the click action.

It is available for Windows, Mac and Android devices. If you are interested in trying out a completely new yet simple auto clicker such as TinyTask, GS Auto Clicker should be there in your favorites list.

   GS Auto Clicker

5. Speed Auto Clicker

The name “Speed Auto Clicker” indicates that it works very speed and delivers the clicks very speed. We can say that it is one of the best TinyTask Alternatives for heavy tasks. The user interface is super simple which looks almost same to that of the op auto clicker.

The only thing that you should consider about it is it’s requirements. Since it can deliver the extreme speed clicks, you should have a pc which can handle the job.

   Speed Auto Clicker

6. Murgee Auto Clicker

This is a paid software but it has a wonderful features. It was tested by our team and it is working fine with no issues so far. To be frank, it’s one of the best options that has all the qualities to be listed in the best tinytask alternatives list.

Extra Random Delay option in the murgee auto clicker software made it different from the other software in this list. On the other hand, it has few more interesting features that you should test yourself.

   Murgee Auto Clicker

7. Pulover’s Macro Creator

The pulover’s macro creator is a great tool to create the macros on a personal computer. It requires little to mediocre knowledge in order to get the most out of it. Because, it is built for the advanced gamers and data entry analysts.

We recommend you download it, install it and go through all it’s featuers before start using it. Then, you can easily create the macros to capture the screen activity such as clicks, mouse moves and typing, etc.

   Pulover’s Macro Creator

8. Macro Recorder

Macro Recorder is my personal choice in our list “TinyTask Alternatives”. Beause I have used it many a times when I wanted to create macros in order to detect the image and act according it. Yes, you can set it in a way that it activates the macro whenever the macro recorder detects an image or a color.

This is really something rare which cannot be seen in the other TinyTask Alternatives that we have listed on this article. That is why it has got more popularity than the pulover’s macro creator.

It is avaialble for Windows and Mac devices but it is a paid one. The free version works only for some time, then you should purchase it.

   Macro Recorder

9. AutoIt

AutoIt is one of the oldest macro creation tools avaialble for Windows based computers. It is a scripting language in other words but you can download the base tool for the automation of the mouse clicks, moves, swipes, and key activity.

AutoIt is not a standalone software unlike the TinyTask. So, it requires the complete installation. Download it and test things on your own because we haven’t tried it yet.


10. EasyClicks

Even though it is not a famous software in our TinyTask Alternatives, we can call it a decent one. Name of the app suggests everything about it’s nature.

You can just download it if you want to get the clicks easily. Most of the people are using this software on their pcs in order to play the flash games and browser based games.


11. Mini Mouse Macro

Looking for a portable macro creatior app like tinytask? then you must try out the mini mouse macro. Yes, it is a very lightweight software but with a lot of useful features. We can consider this as one of the useful yet powerful macro tools that are similar to TinyTask.

You can hit the “Record” button to create a macro with whatever tasks you wanted to create. Once it is done, you can edit the macro in a convenient manner.

   Mini Mouse Macro

12. AutoHotkey V2

AutoHotKey v2 is the most recent version of the famouse AutoHotKey. It is also widely popular as AHK v2. What can I say about this tool? I literally have no words. It is such a software which is capable of automating almost anything just like that. All you need to do is to download, install and set some things up and done.

Majority of the users set a macro with click action or a keyboard action and bind them to a hotkey. Whenever the user press that particular hotkey, AutoHotKey V2 will deliver the output in the game or in the notepad or on gmail, etc.

   AutoHotKey V2

Those are the Best TinyTask Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Android devices. We have tried to include the macro tools for iOS devices as well. Before downloading them, check their compatibility and try them out on your devices to automate your tasks.

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