TinyTask Download - #1 Auto Clicker / Macro Creator for Windows

TinyTask is one of the most useful tools for Windows users, especially those who need to perform repetitive tasks on a regular basis. It’s easy to record and repeat actions using this free Windows automation tool. By clicking a button, you can record processes and use them as macros. 

This app is lightweight, so installing it won’t take more than a few seconds. You don’t even need to write codes or scripts to automate processes. Saving time with TinyTask will directly impact your productivity and efficiency.

What Is TinyTask Macro Creator?

There are a number of features that make TinyTask one of the finest, simple, and easy-to-use macro tools. You don’t need any technical knowledge or skill to effectively use this mouse macro tool, and it follows the same principle as many of the other mouse macro tools. There are many tasks that can be automated on PCs with the help of this lightweight application. One of them is creating a macro with mouse clicks, moves, etc.


In order to create a macro, you just need to record the screen, and the app will create it automatically based on the screen recording. Once you have created a macro, it will be very easy to repeat mouse actions such as clicks and mouse movements as long as you run the macro. The interface of TinyTask is easy to understand and simple to navigate, just like those of TG Macro and Macro Gamer.

Since it is very small in size, you don’t have to allocate a lot of resources to it. Moreover, it is a standalone software which requires no installation. Sounds cool right? let’s explore it’s features and get the most out of it to automate your daily repetetive tasks.

TinyTask Auto Clicker Features

Even though being simple; it carries a good number of interesting features. It can’t do multiple tasks such as the other macro creation tools. But, it can capture your activity when recording is on and repeats the same in different ways.

tinytask download
  • Playback Speed:

Let’s say that you have created a macro with whatever tasks you need. You can replay the macro in different playback speeds. It can slow down the playback speed by 1/2 times. It can also speed up the playback by 2x to upto 100x. This way, you can get fastest clicks with  titytask. On the other hand, you can also enter the custom playback speed of your choice.

  • Continuous Playback:

TinyTask allows you set the macro play infinitely. Which means that the macro you have created can be run until stopped. This way, you can play the games and carry out the data entry jobs in a much more convenient way. On the other hand, you can also set the repeat count to get only a specific number of times.

  • Recording / Playback Hotkeys:

Hotkeys plays a very major role in macro creators such as TinyTask Software. Yes, you can set the custom hotkeys for recording and playback individually or the key for both of them. Which means that, when pressed a hotkey for recording, tinytask will start recording the activity and you should press the same key to stop the recording. In a similar manner, you can set the hotkey for playback as well.

  • Always On Top:

TinyTask PC software stays always on top by default. Which means that you don’t need to make it stay on top by using any third party applications. Whenever you launch the software, it stays on top of the other windows on your personal computer.

  • Default / Custom Toolbar:

Tinytask has a default toolbar which can also be called as a taskbar. If not, you can set the customer toolbar with whatever options and buttons you may want it to have. This way, you can easily handle the tasks without having to use the hotkeys especially if you are a beginner.

TinyTask Download 1.77 for PC [Windows 11/10/8.1/7]

TinyTask official website is tinytask.net which can be seen from the tool itself. Reasons are unknown but the official website is not loading. In order to download the software, people have to depend on the third party websites. Being a fan blog, we are more than happy to help you with the TinyTask Download.

Download the file from the above link. Be informed that the software that you have downloaded is only meant for windows 10/11/8.1/7 pc. You cannot install the same on your mac os x based computer and linux as well. If you are not happy with it, you can always try out TinyTask Alternatives. Concern about it’s compatibility? check out the guide to Fix TinyTask Not Working issue right away.

Why Don’t You Try Out The Best Alternatives?

How To Use TinyTask On PC?

Here is a short tutorial that deals with the usage of the software. You can follow the same tips on your computer as well to obtain the same output.

1. How To Start Recording In TinyTask?

Launch the tinytask on windows pc by double clicking the software. Once it is launched, you can see the toolbar with different options such as Open, Save, Rec, etc. Click on that “Rec” button to start Recording the mouse events that you do on your pc.

how to record using tinytask on pc

Alternatively, you can also press Control+Alt+Shift+R key combination to start the recording with a shortcut.

2. How To Stop Recording In TinyTask?

Starting and Stopping the recording is same and you don’t have do anyting different. Press the shortcut key Control+Alt+Shift+R to stop the recording if it is already recording. Otherwise, simply hit that “Rec” button to stop the recording.

3. How To Save The Recording On TinyTask?

It is even more easy to save the recording on your windows pc. If you are done with the recording, you need to hit “Save” button. You can find that button at the 2nd spot from the left.

save recording on tiny task

That will open up a small window to name the recording. Enter some name and hit “Save” option to save the recording for later usage. On top of that, the recorded file will be saved in (.rec) format.

4. How To Open A TinyTask Project?

Your recorded file is your project. In order to open a project, launch the software on your pc as your first step. Click on that first option “Open”. Once you do that, you can see a small window opens up with folders and navigation.

how to open a project

Select the file (.rec) and hit “Open” to load the recorded file. Now, you can run the task by clicking “Play” option.

5. How To Play A Macro Project On TinyTask App?

Let’s say that you have recorded a mouse activity and ready for a playback. In such case, hit “Play” button from the toolbar to start the playback.

play macro on tinytask pc

Once you do that, you can see that the tinytask software doing the same tasks that you did earlier. This way, you can play the games you like.

6. How To Set Playback Loops on TinyTask?

It is quite easy to set the playback loop. Open the tiny task on pc and go to “Preferences”, the very last option on the toolbar. Hit the option “Set Playback Loops” to get the window where you can enter the number to create the recording loops.

how to set playback loops

Let’s say for example that you have entered the number 4; it means that you will get the loop for 4 times consecutively.

7. How To Set Custom Speed To The Macro?

In order to apply the custom speed to the macro that you have created, go to “Preferences” settings. Select “Set Custom Speed…” option and enter the speed from the scale of 1 to 100.

how to set custom speed for playback

Let’s say for example that you have entered 20. It means that you will get the playback in 20x speed. You can modify it later and set it to normal speed (1x) as well.

8. How To Play Games Using TinyTask on PC?

Let’s first record a project with all your requirements such as left mouse clicks, right mouse clicks, scrolls or middle mouse clicks, etc. Once it is done, launch the game that you want to play and hit “Control+Alt+Shift+R” button to start the playback in the game. If you want to have faster clicks for playing games such as Freefire or Fortnite, you can set the custom speed for the playback speed and play the maco in game.

TinyTask Portable Download

TinyTask Portable is also a same tool but it’s a lite version of the TinyTask.exe. The advantage of the portable version is that it can run on low end devices without crashing. On the other hand, you can put everything on a flashdrive such as pendrive and insert it while playing the games on any computer.

Portable version can be a great choice for people who use multiple computers for multiple purposes. Let’s say for example that you own a laptop in house and you are a student who uses a school laptop in the school.

Whenever you want to use TinyTask on both the pcs with the same configurations and settings, you can make use of the portable version by carrying it in a flash drive without missing the configuration, settings, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TinyTask Safe?

Yes! it is a safe and secure software which has no malware and no issues.

How To Use TinyTask On Roblox?

Simple, first record the activity that you want to tiny task to do on roblox and hit “Play” to repeat the actions.

Is TinyTask A Virus?

No! it is not a virus neither a malware. It is a simple macro tool which is free from threats.

Can I Download TinyTask on Android?

It is a pc software that works only on windows based pcs. TinyTask APK is not yet developed for android devices.

Can I Use TinyTask To Automate Keyboard?

Of course! You Can. It will capture everything you type and every key that you press and repeats the same. By using it, you can simply finish any data entry tasks easily.

How To Fix TinyTask Not Working Error?

Delete TinyTask from your PC if it is not working. Then, re-download the latest version (v1.77) which is working perfectly fine.