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Well! after using tinytask on windows, you might want to try tinytask on chromebook. It’s obvious that anyone in your place to think about using it a chromebook. But for that, you need to download and install tinytask for chromebook as an extension. Would you like to know more about it? let’s continue reading this post for the next few minutes.

TinyTask is a pc based software which is currently available for windows operating system only. In case, if you want to try it out on your chromebook, you can still do it. Let me reveal the trick and everything associated with it.

How To Download TinyTask for Chromebook [Chrome OS]?

Even though tinytask directly available for the chromebook, you can download it’s replica. Name of it’s replica is iMacro. It is avaialble as a chrome extension, you can even download it on your chromebook and on windows/mac/linux using the chrome browser. Below instructions might help you do that.

   Download Here (  )

  • Click on the above download link.
  • That will take you to the chrome’s web store on your chromebook.
  • Hit “Add To Chrome” button.

download tinytask for chromebook

  • Now, you will see a confirmation window as a pop up. Hit “Add Extension” button.
  • Please wait while the iMacro extension is getting added to your chromebook.
  • In the meantime, you may observe a doc file getting downloaded to your chromebook’s program files.
  • It’s a normal process and nothing to worry about it.

tinytask extension

  • Once it is added to the chrome browser, you will be able to use it whenever you want to.

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How To Launch iMacro TinyTask Extension on Chromebook?

It’s time to make use of the imacro tinytask google chrome extension on your chromebook. Below instructions might help you all the way.

  • Go to the Extensions icon on your google chrome and click on it to explore the list.

add imacro to chromebook

  • Click on that pin icon which is there on the right hand side of the iMacros for Chrome plugin.
  • The extension will be added to the horizontal toolbar on your chromebook.

launch imacro on chromebook

  • Go to the extensions bar and click on that blue color icon as indicated in the above image.
  • Now, you will see a window on your chromebook, check out the below image.

tinytask on chromebook after installation

  • Now, you can start creating the macros on your chromebook.

This way, you can literally automate everything right from the chrome itself. This method is not only for people who use chromebook. But also for people who are using chrome browser on their windows pc, macbook and linux desktops.

How To Create Macros Using iMacro on Chromebook?

  • Launch the iMacro tool by clicking on it’s icon at the chrome’s extension bar.
  • Now, you will see a section for “Record”, click on that.

record macros with tinytask chrome extension

  • Now, hit “Record Macro” button, which is a very first button from the list that you can see.
  • Hit “Stop” once you are done with the macro creation.
  • Otherwise, you can also save a page or take a screenshot by clicking on the “Take Screenshot” button.
  • When you want to play the macro that you have created, go to the first tab “Play”.

macro playback on chromebook with tiny task

  • Now, hit “Play Macro” button to start playing the macro.
  • You can set the macro on a loop there.
  • Enter the number in the box that indicates “Max”.
  • So, the iMacro will loop your macro for the number of times that you have entered there.

This is how you can create macros on chromebook and play them back. The best part is that, you can set the countless number of loops in a way to automate your tasks such as mouse clicks and key strokes.

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