Murgee Auto Clicker Download for PC [Windows 11/10/8.1/7]

Click Left, Right, or Middle mouse buttons automatically with Murgee Auto Clicker software. The process can be automated with a configurable keyboard shortcut. This program will allow you to auto-click any mouse button you select at either a fixed click rate or a variable click rate of your choice.

With a single keyboard shortcut, you will be able to Start & Stop the clicking process system wide. Murgee AutoClicker can be used to click at predefined fixed screen locations on a screen or at the current location of the cursor of the mouse on the screen.

How Does Murgee Auto Clicker Helps You?

There are a number of options you can configure in the main window of auto clicker. A delay in time between the automated mouse clicks can be configured as well as an interval between them. Depending on your requirements, you can specify whether a fixed or infinite number of mouse clicks are to be automated.

murgee auto clicker download

As an option, you are also able to set up a hotkey shortcut to start or stop the mouse clicking process and the keyboard actions. You can also stop the mouse clicking process by pressing the same hotkey.

Furthermore, it offers the option of configuring the basic mouse clicking control parameters. In addition, you will get intuitive and easy to use Graphical User Interface. Moreover, the software also offers a wide range of advanced features that you can explore at any time when you need them.

Murgee Auto Clicker Download Free [Latest Version]

It is a paid software but it has the trail version. You can download it from the below link for your windows based computers. Give it a try with the trail version and you can go to premium version if you like it’s features.

   Download Here (  )

If you wish to go with the murgee premium auto clicker version, visit That is the official website of the software. You can find out more details about the pricing model on the official website.

Why Don’t You Try Out The Best Alternatives?

Install Murgee AutoClicker on Windows 11/10/8.1/7 PC

  • Download the setup file from the above section of this article.
  • It should be an executable file (.exe) .
  • Go to the location of the file on your windows based pc.
  • Select the file and double click the setup file.
  • Hit “Install” and select the “Destination Folder”.
  • Now, select “Create Desktop Shortcut” option to create a shortcut on your desktop.
  • Finally, hit “Done” button to wrap up the installation process.

How To Use It On Your Windows PC?

  • Using the shortcut on your desktop or the programs menu, launch the Murgee Auto Clicker.
  • You can configure the shortcut key in the main window to automatically start and stop mouse clicking.
  • As well as controlling the number of automatic mouse clicks, you can define an interval between mouse clicks.
  • Click on Assign and select any keyboard key that you would like to use as your hotkey.
  • To start and stop the auto clicker, use the shortcut key Ctrl + E. We recommend this key combination since the developer does the same. If you wish to have a different key, you have the complete freedom to go by your choice.
  • Click on the hide to system tray button or the cross button on the top right to hide the auto clicker window.
  • You can now click the mouse automatically by moving the mouse cursor to a location where you want the cursor to automatically click.
  • Start the action by pressing the shortcut key (Ctrl + E).
  • Stop the auto clicker by pressing the shortcut Key again.

This is how you can actually configure the murgee auto clicker on your pc. It has a lot more advanced features to explore. We leave some things to your own experience. But, you can get help from us regarding anything about the murgee clicker. Use the comment box below this article to get in touch with us.

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