GS Auto Clicker Download for PC [Windows 11/10/8.1/7]

The free GS Auto Clicker tool allows you to automate the clicking of the mouse by setting different click patterns. It is software that automates repetitive tasks in a way that can increase productivity.

Games like Minecraft, Roblox, Cookie Clicker and Fortnite can be played using GS Auto Clicker free. There are some games that require you to build from scratch and earn points as you go along. So, you can also use it on all such games and see the neven seen before results.

Is It An Alternative To Your Physical Mouse?

Despite the fact that it isn’t an alternative to a real mouse, it does come in handy when the buttons on your real mouse malfunction, so you can simulate the clicks on a virtual mouse.

gs autoclicker

This tool can also be used to aid you in maximising your productivity while playing the game by acting as your assistant.

It is also worth mentioning that the constant clicking of mouse buttons can lead to wear and tear on Touch pads and Mouse, Keyboard as well. Therefore, it could be one of the best companions you could have when it comes to automating the clicks.

How Does GS AutoClicker Work?

A simple and easy to use software interface allows you to start automation with one specific HotKey. It will automate the tasks such as click automation and keyboard automation and finishes the task within the given time.

As well as recording sequences of clicks on different parts of the screen. The software allows the user to save them in order to use them for repeat usage in the future.

On the Options menu, select the mouse button you want to click and the type of click. Now, go to Click Options and hit the Repeat submenu to get the inner sub options.

gs auto clicker download

Set the repeat mode and number of clicks that you want to receive from the gs auto clicker. Use the hotkey (Default F8) to start the click action. But make sure to hit the hotkey along with the Fn (Function Key).

GS Auto Clicker Download Free [for Windows / Mac PCs & Android]

Download the most recent version of it from the below link. You can download it on your windows and mac based personal computers. Along with them, you can download it on your Android devices as well.

   Download Here (  )

   Download Here (  )

   Download Here (  )

Check out the instructions with regards to the installation process of it across various operating systems.

Install GS Auto Clicker on Windows 10/11/8.1/7 PC

Let’s first check out the detailed instructions to install gs auto clicker on pc.

  • Firstly, download the latest version of the software for your windows based computer.
  • You will get the software as gsautoclicker.exe file. It is an executable file which can be installed straightaway.
  • Double click the software and follow the on-screen guidelines.
  • That’s a wrap! you are done with the installation.

Why Don’t You Try Out The Best Alternatives?

Install GS Auto Clicker on Macbook Air / Macbook Pro / iMac

Check out the step by step instructions for the mac os x based pcs and laptops.

  • Download the file on your mac device from above section of this article.
  • Extract the zip file now; you can use any unzip software.
  • Open “Programs” folder on your personal computer.
  • Select the folder, drag and drop the folder into programs folder of your mac.
  • That will now install the software on your macbook.
  • You can go to installed software list and launch it to use.

Install GS Auto Clicker APK on Android Devices

Here is a short guide regarading the installation on the android based smartphones and tablet devices.

  • Download gsautoclicker.apk file from the above section, on your android devices.
  • Go to the Settings of your android phone or tablet.
  • Navigate to Lockscreen & Security section settings.
  • Hit “Developer Options” and open the “Unknown Sources” and Enable it.
  • Go back to the downloads folder of your android device.
  • Click on the .apk file.
  • Hit “Install” button and wait for the on-screen activity.
  • Finally, hit “Done” or “Open” option to wrap it up.

That’s it! you have successfully installed gs auto clicker app on android devices. On the other hand, if you need any special instructions about it’s usage or anything else, let us know in the comments, thank you.

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